Colossal Accolades for Our Cave Guides

Descending six stories into the Earth, winding through narrow passageways and across rock bridges, seeing stalagmites and stalactites up close … it’s all part of the cave tour experience at our concessions operation at Colossal Cave Mountain Park in Arizona.

To add to the excitement of exploring these natural wonders, ExplorUS has a team of experienced, fun cave guides who lead the tours. The guides give lively talks about the cave’s history, geology, and legends — train robbers and ghosts are among them! They also give informative stories about cave formations and unique residents, such as bats and coatis. And, of course, visitor safety is a priority, and our guides are trained to provide safety instructions as well as assistance when needed.

Our guides have earned countless glowing reviews from visitors for their enthusiasm, knowledge, and expertise. Don’t take our word for it, though; visit the Park and meet our phenomenal cave guides!