Our Quality Policy

ExplorUS operates in small to medium-sized National, State & Local Parks, Forests, and Marina operations, where we are committed to maintaining an operating environment that upholds the consistent delivery of excellent products while sustaining the highest level of customer service.

We fulfill this commitment by setting, reviewing, and achieving goals and objectives in the areas of customer satisfaction and contracting agency requirements. We also continually improve processes and procedures using industry standards to ensure efficiency and effectiveness at all levels of service.

Our Definition of Quality

Quality is the consistent delivery of predetermined standards. We strive to set standards that when exceeded, enhance the performance in all areas of the company.

We Are Hosts

Our philosophy is that commercial services need to complement this experience, and not inhibit it. We see the role of our employees as that of “hosts” to the great park properties we manage. All actions, services, and customer interactions will flow from the philosophy of “We Are Hosts.” Moreover, only a staff who truly loves the parks, has experienced the parks directly, and is deeply knowledgeable about the parks we manage will be able to provide a first-class experience for families and guests.  

Examples of our Quality Philosophy

  • Quality is a Culture of Service
    We have found that by setting and reinforcing an ethic of customer service, a good customer experience almost always follows. Employees who have “buy-in” to providing excellent service tend to make the right choices. Throughout employment, we work to set this service ethic as the “default” mentality. 
  • Quality is Meeting Department-Specific Standards
    When these standards are met, guests receive a quality product or service, whether this is a clean, comfortable, and attractive room, a hearty, healthy, and tasty meal, or an easy reservation-making process. Each customer touch point has a set of Standards and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure that guests receive and experience quality each step of the way.